When you return from the canoe trip, enjoy a fully catered barbecue? The Rijnstroom has put together three different barbecue packages that you can choose from. The barbecue takes place on the terrace of the Rijnstroom and is covered in case of bad weather. The drinks are served by the Rijnstroom. Some soda or beer and wine.

You can roast the meat yourself, but it is also possible that someone will do this for you. This costs € 40 extra.
We provide a barbecue from fifteen people, you can cancel the BQQ free of charge 3 days in advance.

Barbecue normal   Barbecue special    Barbecue de luxe
 € 19,95 p.p.    € 20,95 p.p.     € 21,95 p.p.
Baguette    Baguette    Baguette
Herb butter    Herb butter    Herb butter
Fruit Salad    Fruit Salad    Fruit Salad
Changing salad    Changing salad    Changing salad
Two chicken satay    Salmon Salad    Salmon Salad
Marinated bacon steak    Beef burger    Beef burger
Beef burger    Hawaï spies    Pork Tenderloin Medallions
Trio meatballs   Two chicken satay    Two chicken satay
BBQ sausage    Argentinian beef skewer    Entrecote (Beef steak)
 3 cold sauces    German bratwurst    Steak Caribbean (Chicken thighs )
Warm Peanut Sauce    3 cold sauces    3 cold sauces
     Warm Peanut Sauce     Warm Peanut Sauce 


Drink packages:

Unlimited drinks 2 hours price p.p.

Fresh / warm drinks € 12.50
All drinks (including beer and wine) € 15.00

Unlimited drinking 3 hours

Fresh / warm drinks € 15.00
All drinks (incl. Beer and wine) € 17.50

As alcoholic drinks we serve draft beer, red wine, white wine and rose wine.

Another option is to settle the drink consumption on the basis of subsequent calculation or with consumption coupons.

Purely traditional for the barbecue

De Gildeslager stands for quality. The artisan craftsman who makes the products himself with great care. Fresh every day, from the best meat, with the tastiest ingredients and with love for the profession. You can taste the difference in quality immediately ...
Guild quality for gourmets. Also the tastiest basis for a successful barbecue. We wish you a tasty meal.

BBQ Vegetarian options

Meat can be replaced by:

Vega snitzel
Java disk
Vega skewer
Vegetable disc


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