Note that the scooters and bicycles are not standard at the rijnstroom, but with 2wielerverhuur de rijnstreek in Wijk bij duurstede. "reservation necessary"

Kickbike Sport G4 Step

The Kickbike gives a whole new dimension to the word "scooters"! In addition to being a lot of fun to do, the scooters are comfortable and light as a feather, roll and brake fast and are therefore an ideal means of transport for scooters through the city of Utrecht, or if you prefer the peace and quiet, choose the nature reserve van Rhijnauwen. You will literally be everywhere. With the scooter to the door of the destination at your own pace. All sights are within walking distance.

Route 1 through the nature of Utrecht, click on this link. 

Route 2 through the nature of Utrecht, click on this link.

While scootering, there are various options to keep you entertained.

Restaurants in de natuur.                                                                                

  • Theehuis Rhijnauwen, for information, click on this link.
  • Vroeg, for information, click on this ​​​​​​ link.
  • Het Oude Tolhuys, for information, click on this link.
  • De Veldkeuken, for information, click on this link.
  • De Moestuin,for information, click on this link.

Bezichtigen in de buurt.

  • Fort Rhijnauwen, for information, click on this link.
  • Fort Vechten, for information, click on this ​​​​​link.
  • Botanische tuinen, for information, click on this link. ​​​

Route through the city center of Utrecht, click on this​​​ link.


The Kickbike is an extremely suitable scooter to train your fitness. At your own level and in your own environment, you step by step towards the goal you want to achieve. Recreational scooters or possibly at competition level, it is all possible with the Kickbike. Below you will find all kinds of tips from experienced Kickbikers:

The takeoff (kick)

Perhaps the most important thing to know first. Relaxed stepping and pushing off is the basis of stepping on the Kickbike (also called Kickbiking). Hold the handlebars in a relaxed way and do not push off too hard. This means that your muscles do not tense unnecessarily. Do finish your shot and swing the leg backwards. Then swing the leg "loosely" forward again with a relaxed, slightly bent knee. If you want to increase the speed, you need to turn off more frequently and make a faster rotation of your legs. This results in a shorter stroke.

Alternate legs

During Kickbiking you have to change legs regularly. This is because the leg you are standing on is sour. You will feel this automatically and after 8 to 12 "kicks" it is best to switch. First you will have to get used to because the board is quite narrow, but after a few changes and with some a bit more often the change will be a bit smoother. sliding the shelf to the outside. Place your other foot with the toes on the vacated space. Take your standing leg off the plank and slide your other foot all the way onto the plank.

As soon as you switch again, repeat this.

Up-, no- or downhill

Hills, in the Netherlands? Well not really. But you sometimes come across a viaduct or a bridge and then it is useful that you know how to 'climb' and 'descend'. More about this on the videos from The most important uphill fact is perhaps that you has to switch off faster and can change after 5 times. Downhill it is important that you do not underestimate your speed, because it can go very fast (also in the Netherlands), including in Limburg, the Posbank, the Veluwe, various dunes and other places, your downhill can reach the 60 km / h limit. So watch out and do not crouch on your Kickbike, but keep both legs straight and stand with 2 feet on the board! Always brake calmly and remember…. Safety comes first. Anyway, let's be realistic, the Netherlands is of course mostly flat and there is often wind, so make use of it. If you are riding in front of the wind, make your stroke excessively long. If you have a headwind, switch off more often and switch a little more often.

Touring or even a competition?

The vast majority of Kickbike users are tour riders. They love to push their own boundaries or to go out into nature, alone or with a group. However, there are also Kickbikers who compete in events and competitions. If you are interested in that, take a look at the sports page. The basic idea of the makers of Kickbike (these are athletes from Finland by the way) is that Kickbiking is an all-round sporting activity and is feasible for a wide audience. That it is accessible to many is evident from the companies that rent out Kickbikes to groups. More about this on the rental page.


We would like to point out some of the consequences of Kickbiking:

Surprised looks, a healthy feeling, kick bike addiction and a lot of attention in several ways. You have been warned

Tariffs from De Rijnstroom.

  • € 9.00 per scooter, per day.
  • € 35 per scooter per week.

Delivery and collection in Utrecht.

From 15 people, we will bring and collect the scooters in the city of Utrecht.

  • € 9 per scooter, per day.
  • € 35 per scooter per week.
  • 275 kick bikes in stock.

Instruction before departure.

  • Route through the city or nature.
  • By appointment only.
  • Cancel free of charge 24 hours in advance.
  • Minimum rider height: 135 cm
  • Maximum rider height: 205 cm
  • Maximum permissible weight: 120 kg

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