Do you want to interrupt your canoe trip for a delicious picnic? This is also possible at De Rijnstroom. Relax on a picnic blanket on 1 of the 3 picnic fields on the Kromme-Rijn or find a quiet spot in the forest of Amelisweerd or Rhijnauwen. Enjoy with a snack and a drink and enjoy the view. De Rijnstroom has put together three different picnic packages from which you can choose. Diet wishes can be passed on to us.

Picknick normal Picknick special  
Juice  Juice Juice
Fresh fruit Fresh fruit Fresh fruit
Muffin  Muffin Muffin
White baguette, with smokes chicken breast, and salad garnish. White baguette, with egg salad and lettuce. White baguette, with brie, walnuts and honey.
Luxurios brown bun, with cheese, lettuce, and raw vegetables garnish. Brown deluxe bun, with cheese, lettuce, and raw vegetables garnish. Brown deluxe bun, with varying luxury eats, iceberg lettuce, tomato, cumcumber, and honey mustard sauce.
  Kaiser with smoked salmon, crème fraiche, capers and lettuce. Italian bun with cheese, salami and sweet and sour garnish
  € 9,50 per person  € 12,95 per person € 15,95 per person



  • You can book the picnic up to 24 hours in advance or cancel it free of charge.

  • For dietary requirements, you can put this in the comment when you make a reservation.

  • You will receive the picnic in the canoe or boat, because the picnic fields are in nature, we cannot get there by car, for large groups, it is possible at the picnic field at Stay Okay.

  • The photos on the right, photo 1 is picnic field 1 at the Witte mansion (Nieuwe Amelisweerd) this is 35 minutes paddling or rowing from the Rijnstroom, back is faster, then you have power with you, for the route click here.

  • Photo 2 is the 2nd picnic field (Oud Amelisweerd) where you can have a picnic. Here you are the quietest of all 3 picnic fields. This is 45 minutes sailing back from the Rijnstroom is faster, then you have power, click here for the route.

  • Photo 3 is the 3rd picnic field (Rhijnauwen) where you can also have a picnic, this is the busiest picnic field of all 3 picnic fields. This is 60 minutes sailing back from De Rijnstroom is faster, then you have power, for the route, click here.

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