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Visit fort Vechten and canoe trip from bunnik

You visit Fort Vechten.

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm: Lunch at the Rijnstroom.

A delicious lunch will be prepared especially for you, with fresh juice, fresh fruit, a biscuit, white baguette with egg salad and lettuce, a brown luxury bun with cheese, lettuce, and raw vegetable garnish, and a kaiser with smoked salmon, crème fraiche, capers and lettuce

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM: Departure by kick scooter to battle fort.

During the tour of the fort you can enjoy the special surroundings. And in the historic buildings you encounter, all kinds of topics are discussed. You can learn more about fort construction and in the exhibition 'Basking in the Line' we pay attention to the life of the soldiers, on the fort, during the time of WWI. You meet the Romans who founded a fortress here 2000 years ago, the castellum Fectio. You get to know the nature on the fort and you see what Fort bij Vechten looked like when it was just built. Architect Penne Hangelbroek has reconstructed the situation of circa 1880 in a 'strip' of 80 meters wide. Here the fortress shows its real character: a tough and ingenious fighting machine.

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm: Guided tour of the fighting fort.

3:00 pm – 3:30 pm: Continue scooter trip to Bunnik.

From Fort Vechten, you leave on the scooter towards Bunnik, on the way you can enjoy the beautiful nature.

3:30 pm – 6:00 pm: Canoeing.

You leave by canoe from Bunnik in the direction of Botenverhuur de Rijnstroom. You are expected at Boat Rental De Rijnstroom at 6:00 PM.

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm: Closing with a barbecue deluxe
When you arrive at Boat Rental de Rijnstroom, you can end the day with a delicious barbecue. This barbecue consists of herb butter, chicken curry salad, salmon salad, rounder hamburger, pork tenderloin medallions, sirloin steak, caribbean steak, 3 cold sauces and warm peanut sauce.

From 15 persons € 90.00 per person, including 2 hours of beer, soft drinks, wine, coffee and tea, for € 107.50 per person.

Canoeing & cooking

10:00 am - 10:30 am Reception.

You will be welcomed at Boat Rental de Rijnstroom, with coffee, tea and a delicious delicacy.

10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Puzzling on the scooter, to the Sports Kitchen.

From the Rijnstroom, you depart by scooter, towards the Sports Kitchen, on the way on the scooter, you will perform various, fun, do-and-photo assignments, before you arrive at the Sports Kitchen.

11:30 am - 1:30 pm Lunch cooking workshop.

Upon arrival at the Sports Kitchen, a refreshing drink will be ready for the sports enthusiasts and there will be time to relax. When the weather is nice, this can be done outside, in the sun on the terrace.

Cooking workshop. (if you want a different menu, let us know)

Healthy food is high on the agenda for many, but how do you make something healthy and yet very tasty? For this workshop, healthy lunch, we have made a selection of different healthy products. Soup Fresh salad, with seasonal vegetables Home-made sandwiches, with home-made spreads and grilled vegetables Dessert.

1:30 p.m. - 1:45 p.m. Stepping.

You leave again from the Sports Kitchen, to the canoe boarding point of Rhijnauwen.

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Canoeing.

Enjoy paddling on the beautiful Kromme-Rijn and you will certainly be surprised about this beautiful nature route, which was declared the most beautiful canoe route in the Netherlands in 2015.

Lunch cooking workshop from 10 people for € 90.00 per person.

Drink a beer, have a steak

For the real hedonist; tour of the brewery and a deluxe barbecue.

13.30 – 15.30: Start program
You leave with your group by canoe to the Weerdsluis.

3.30 pm – 4.30 pm: Beer brewery tour
Oudaen beer is brewed according to a medieval recipe in the Oudaen city castle brewery, located in the cellar yards of the city castle. Here the brewmaster tells about the traditional process. The tour includes snacks and a drink.

4.30 pm – 5 pm: Walk to the Weerdsluis
You walk back to the canoes.

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM: Return to the Rhine River by canoe.
From the Weerdsluis, you paddle back to the Rijnstroom, there are several beautiful routes back, such as the Catharijnesingel, which opened last year.

18.00 – 20.00: Closing with a barbecue de Luxe
When you arrive at Boat Rental de Rijnstroom, you can end the day with a delicious barbecue. This barbecue consists of herb butter, chicken curry salad, salmon salad, rounder hamburger, pork tenderloin medallions, sirloin steak, caribbean steak, 3 cold sauces and warm peanut sauce.

Price: € 75.00 per person from 15 people. If you want 2 hours of beer, soft drinks, wine, coffee and tea, this costs € 99.00 per person.

scavenger hunt sporty

A scooter scavenger hunt through the city center of Utrecht. With this program you will be active on the scooter all afternoon!

14:00 – 14:10: Reception
You will be welcomed with a drink at boat rental de Rijnstroom

14.10 – 14.30: Departure by scooter to the city center
You make the trip from the Rijnstroom to the city center of Utrecht by scooter.

14.30 – 16.00: Step treasure hunt
Using a map with a road map, you and your group will solve assignments based on photos.

4 – 5 pm: Continuation of the route
You leave with your group (from the city center) by scooter to Boat Rental de Rijnstroom.

17.00 – 17.30: Closing
You end the day at Botenverhuur de Rijnstroom with an 'Utregs' herbal bitters and a bitter garnish.

Price: € 25.00 per person, based on a minimum of 10 people.

Coffee/Tea + cookie & Tour of the city

With this package you will be welcomed by our team at the Rijnstroom. You start with a nice cup of coffee/tea and cake. After this you will sail with the group through the city, part of the route is along the Galgenwaard stadium, Oudegracht and the Dom Tower. You literally sail through the heart of Utrecht! For the road you can choose from some soft drinks and a snack, think of; chips, mars, snicker or m&ms.

The full outing takes about 3 hours in total. You can discuss your preferred time to start with us.

Price: € 22.50 per person, based on a minimum of 8 people.

Learn to Scooter Together

Stepping is not difficult, learning the basic techniques is necessary for safety. You will learn this in the workshop "Scooting together". You learn the principles of scootering in a challenging way. What is the correct posture on a scooter, how do you push off, how do you make a turn and much more. You can also try out different scooters during this workshop. Do you want a granny scooter or a racing scooter?

This workshop is bookable via the website below:


Wilt u na u activiteit nog BBQ’en bij de Rijnstroom, laat het ons weten, en wij stellen het menu samen. 

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