Nice and active or also a little educational?

Rafting race

Build a raft of beams and blue floating barrels. After explanation from an instructor, the group builds its own raft. Then they put the raft in the water and try to complete an obstacle course as well and quickly as possible. such as climbing, slaloming, transferring, throwing over.

From 10 students Price € 10 per person.

Duration 2.5 hours

Photo Puzzle tour of the Utrecht canals

A fun, active canoe trip with a number of educational assignments based on a photo puzzle tour. This tour integrates physical education with history, geography and biology. The main objective is to introduce children to the rich history and culture that the Utrecht canals have to offer.

From 10 students Price: € 10 pp.

Duration: 4 hours

Outdoor challenge

Come canoeing, blowdarts, scooters and wheelbarrow race with your school group. You will be welcomed with lemonade and biscuits and then you will experience a tough afternoon together with the outdoor sports instructor. A really fun morning or afternoon.

All together on the water! Together you try to get the canoe through the water as quickly as possible and experience the activities along the way in a fun way!

Blow darts

With a professional blowdart and arrows you shoot at a target with a target face from four meters, where the bullseye naturally yields the most points. Who is the ultimate Robin Hood?

Wheelbarrow race

The group is divided into two equal groups. A child from each group starts when the signal is given and he / she drives a wheelbarrow to the end of the course. He / she goes into the wheelbarrow and the teammate tries to drive the track (with the wheelbarrow) without leaving the track, the driver is blindfolded.


The Outdoor Challenge ends with freshly baked fries, a snack and lemonade.

From 10 students Price € 20.00 p.p.

Duration 3.5 hours. prefer 2 other activities, let us know!

Scooters and canoeing

A combination of scooters and canoeing. First you step to the Youth Hostel in Rhijnauwen and then you canoe with the current back to the Rijnstroom.

From 15 students Price: € 12.50 per person.

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