Multi-day Tour 'Primus inter pares'

Rijnstroom - Loosdrecht - Rijnstroom

Departure from: Rijnstroom
End point: Rijnstroom
Sailing time: 3 to 4 days
Price per person: 3 days, €80 p.p. 4 days, €90 p.p.

This very beautiful trip is a great challenge for experienced canoeists. But it is also good for the novice canoeist. Try it for yourself! During this multi-day trip you will spend the night in a tent and bring your own food for the days you are away. In consultation we can provide the necessary materials.

This is a very nice trip that starts at De Rijnstroom. From there you follow the Kromme Rijn to the city to arrive on the other side of Utrecht at one of the most historic locks in Utrecht; the Vechtsluis. Once here you go through the lock to continue on the Vecht. This beautiful stretch of river runs from Utrecht to Muiden and has something for everyone. The first part you will sail through the city, but soon you will find yourself in the nature around Utrecht. Along the way you will visit various places such as Maarssen, Vleuten and Breukelen.

On the way you have an extra night just after Maarssen. This overnight stay is at Fort de Klop, near Overvecht. This fort is part of the Dutch Water Line and is nowadays used as a camping site. On and around the fort is very beautiful nature and tranquility is therefore of paramount importance. You can use the restaurant which is located on the fort. We can already make a reservation for you in consultation. Here you can spend the night and relax so that you can resume the trip fresh and fruity the next day.

The tour continues through the locks to the Vecht. When you arrive at the Vecht you sail it back against the current. When you arrive at Breukelen, you will sail through one of the self-operated locks. These lead to the entrance of Loosdrecht, from here it is only a short boat trip. At Loosdrecht you will sail to the campsite of your choice, which is arranged in consultation with us before departure.

On the third day you will sail back to Utrecht on the Vecht. Fortunately, this route goes with the flow, so you can complete it in a day. It is also possible to make an overnight stay if you find the distance of the last day too long or if you just want to enjoy another day on the water.

The last part of the tour you follow the route back to Utrecht. After passing the Weerdsluis the tour continues under the small bridges and over the narrow waterways that bring you back to De Rijnstroom.

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Voor de overnachtingen, kunt u hier uit kiezen.

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  • B&B Vechtoever, klik hier voor de website.
  • Logement Swaenenvecht, klik hier voor de website.
  • Bed & Breakfast Geesberge, klik hier voor de website.
  • Logement aan De Vecht, klik hier voor de website.
  • Fort Spion (camping), klik hier voor de website.
  • D' Oude Molenwerf (camping), klik hier voor de website.

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