Night canoe

Price: € 20,00 p.p.

Experience this unique experience, full moon canoeing through Utrecht, this year for the 27th year!

We offer the opportunity to paddle in the evening with the setting sun through the beautiful canals and Singels of the city of Utrecht. Along the way you will of course stop at one of the many cafes in Utrecht. The end of the tour is a true climax because you sail under all kinds of dark and low bridges. At the last bridge you would have to lie completely flat in the canoe to be able to pass under it. An exciting final challenge.

For the sailing route through Utrecht, click on this link
If you are with 10 people or more, you can set a date yourself and request this via email:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long are you on the road: the activity takes about 3 hours, from our rental location, until the break, it is 1 hour of paddling, you then have a 30 to 45 minute break in the city center. After the break it is also 1 hour back paddling. If you come from far away, it is recommended that you stay overnight in the area, should it unexpectedly get later and you can no longer use public transport.
  • Clothing: shoes that cannot easily slip off your feet, no slippers or boots, rain jacket against the splashing water, sweater (preferably made of wool or fleece, because then you stay warm when you are wet), warm spare clothing + towel, bag for possible wet clothes, a string for your glasses.
  • Valuables: we have waterproof bags, there is 1 bag available, per canoe, but preferably leave your valuables and belongings, which should not get wet, at home.

Night Canoe Schedule 2023



Departure Time

Duration (inc. break).

Thursday, April 6th Full Moon 20:45  3 hrs
Wednesday, April 26th Kingstour    19:30 3 hrs
Friday, May 5th Full moon 20:45 3 hrs
Wednesday May 17th  Ascension Tour 20:45 3 hrs
Sunday, June 4th Full Moon 20:45 3 hrs
Saterday, June 17th Midsummer Tour 20:45 3 hrs
Monday, July 3th Full Moon 20:45 3 hours (nature route due to work on the normal route)
Saturday, July 15th Midsummer Tour 20:45 3 hrs
Saterday, August 1th Full Moon (Supermoon) 20:45 3 hrs
Saturday, August 19th Midsummer Tour 20:45 3 hrs
Shursday, August 31th Full Moon (Supermoon) 20:45 3 hrs
Saterday, September 9th Midsummer Tour 20:45 3 hrs
Friday, September 29th Full Moon 19:45 3 hrs
Saterday, October 28th Nacht van de Nacht 19:15 3 hrs


* Please be there 15 minutes in advance to register!

* Program may delay (keep this in mind if you come by public transport!)

Night canoe for kids

Under all the low bridges and over dark waters. Are you not afraid of the dark, of spiders or rats? Then this tour might be for you.

The route runs from the Rijnstroom, towards the city of Utrecht, at Ledig Erf, we turn right, and we paddle back via the Minstroom. This beautiful and quiet route, winding through the backyards of the residents who live there. Along the way there is still a possibility to take a break for the soft drink and the chips.

  • A bag of chips and soft drink for everyone, which you will receive in the canoe.
  • This is accompanied by a guide.
  • It is possible from 10 people, including parents.
  • Age from 12 years, up to 15 years.
  • This activity lasts 2.5 hours.
  • Start time is 19:30, or in consultation, if you want to leave earlier.
  • The price of the package is € 20.00 per person.

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